The Open RoadWelcome to the QC Pathfinder Lodge homepage! We are a very active lodge and have 2-3 full tables running on weekly game nights, and 4-6 full tables on monthly game days.

If you’re a GM needing to register a future game, please find the [GM] tab above and select the corresponding drop down menu to register your game.

To play in one of our games, you must register via the [Players] tab in the above menu in order to guarantee a seat.  Pathfinders who are late, may find their seat allocated to pathfinders who are not late.

The lodge hosts weekly games in Iowa at Games Plus Oneand in Illinois at Big Swing Brewery on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month.

To connect with us, [Find Us On Facebook], where we organize pickup games, theory craft, boast our conquests, lament our defeats, debate rule interpretations, and discuss all things Pathfinder.

Make sure to check out Pathfinder Nick’s awesome custom library of helpful quick reference sheets by clicking the [Nick’s PFS] button to the right.