The Pathfinder Society (PFS) is Paizo’s worldwide-organized play campaign. The Organized Play Coordinator (OPC) oversees PFS activities and manages a team of volunteers acting as on-the-ground coordinators and points of contact. The volunteer team is comprised of four levels of coordinators based on geography and number of participants. A Regional Venture-Coordinator (RVC) supervises a large section of the world. Venture-Captains (VC) manage a city, state, or country. Venture-Lieutenants (VL) support Venture-Captains in their assigned regions. Venture-Agents (VA) direct operations at one venue.  With that being said, we have 5 Venture Officers (VO’s) in the QC Pathfinder Lodge.  Those officers are listed below.

Troy.jpgRegional Venture Coordinator: Troy Schnack

Force.jpgVenture Captain: Ryan Force

Force.jpgVenture Lieutenant: Brent Thomsen

Venture Lieutenant: Dave Williamson

Nick.jpgVenture Agent: Nick Sullivan

Josh.jpgVenture Agent: Josh DePover